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•  [12 January 2005]
New version of Audio Tags Editor 1.9 released.

•  [12 December 2004]
New version of Audio Tags Editor 1.8 released.

•  [12 November 2004]
New version of Audio Tags Editor 1.7 released.

•  [12 October 2004]
New version of Audio Tags Editor 1.6 released.

•  [12 September 2004]
New version of Audio Tags Editor 1.5 released.

•  [26 August 2004]
New version of Audio Tags Editor 1.4 released.

Audio Tags Editor 1.9
Screenshot Are you a music fan who loves downloading tunes from the Internet? Then you know how annoying it is to get files that contain incomplete tag data. To fix this problem, a whole new class of software applications, called tag editors, was created. But Audio Tags Editor is not one of those me-too programs, available on the Net. Just see for yourself. First, Audio Tags Editor lets you edit tags directly inside the file list. This is a very convenient feature that works just like filling out Excel spread sheets. Plus, you don't have to repeatedly enter the same information over and over again. For tags that repeat (album or comments), simply select a folder or subfolder that contains all files you want to apply this data to. One click and it's all done. Add you comments or e-mail to your entire music collection! Better yet, the program comes with a FreeDB support. This means that if you downloaded an album that does not contain track data (track1, track2, track3, etc), the program automatically connects to a database and identifies this album. Then, it offers you an option to import this data, so you don't have to input it manually. All you have to do is to press the Save All button. Cool, isn't it?


Link Repository

Screenshot Have accumulated many favorite websites? Cannot find the necessary one? Want to organize them? Get Link Repository!

Link Repository is a powerful, easy to use bookmark manager for managing and accessing the visited Web sites.
Add a bookmark once and you will never loose it! Each bookmark can be associated with your own comments so you will never forget why you have added the bookmark. The search capabilities allow you to find necessary link within a few seconds. The export to HTML feature helps you to share your link collection on your web site and easily keep it up-to-date.

Link Repository is always on hand - the feature of integration with system tray (taskbar notification area) allows you to minimize Link Repository to system tray and save your desktop and taskbar place.

If you are professional web surfer with excessive favorites - Link Repository is for you!


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